Column of the final clearance

Our company performs design services, production, installation and automation of the distillation/rectification unit and heat-transfer equipment according to customer's technical requirements.

Column of the final clearance (methanolic ) is tergeted for improvement of organoleptic indicators of rectified alcohol for complete extraction of end, neuter admixtures from it. It can work under atmospheric, overpressure or under vacuum.

We can produce both standard and non-standard equipment for all branches of industry according to customer's design documentation or according to the documentation developed by our company based on customer's technical specification and according to the new construction technologies.

Колонна окончательной очистки

Designation of the columns Diameter of the column, mm Type of the plate Quantity of plates, pcs. Plate spacing, mm Provisional column height, mm Provisional column mass, kg
М04-600/0,17/30 B 600 multicap plate 30 170 6800 1460
М04-600/0,17/30 V valve plate 6800 1170
М04-700/0,17/30 V 700 6900 1480
М04-700/0,17/30 B multicap plate 6900 1850
М04-800/0,17/30 B 800 7000 2365
М04-800/0,17/30 V valve plate 7000 1895
М04-900/0,17/30 V 900 7100 2300
М04-900/0,17/30 B multicap plate 7100 2870
М04-1200/0,17/30 B 1200 7400 5250
М04-1200/0,17/30 V valve plate 7400 4160