Epuration Column

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EPURATION COLUMN is designed for separation of highly volatile impurities from wash distillate. These highly volatile impurities (head fraction) flow as epuration column distillate and are either brought off the industrial cycle or flow to the ethereal column. The amount of head fraction in alcohol production of "Lux" grade ranges from 4 to 8 per cent of commercial product release, at the same time ethanol content in the head fraction is more than 90 per cent.

In order to make the separation of highly volatile impurities more efficient and to decrease at the same time the specific energy consumption at the stage of epuration, the epuration column should feature the efficiency coefficient ranging from 60 to 70 practical trays (the tray efficiency coefficient is ~0.5 ). We offer applying either fully packed epuration columns or combination columns with tray lower part (39 trays) and packed upper part. The efficiency of the packed concentrating section of the column ranges from 8 to 10 theoretical trays, which is equivalent to 16 up to 20 practical trays.

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Epuration column