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BTS-ENGINEERING is a diversified enterprise that offers high-quality services, advanced technologies and reliable partnership.

Our company unites highly qualified technical specialists, process engineers and managers, which has been proven by a range of successfully implemented projects in alcohol, chemical and petrochemical industry both in Ukraine and abroad.

The main branches of our activity refer to engineering services, supply of technologies, process equipment and materials for alcohol, chemical and petrochemical industry.

We offer the following services:

  • engineering services in the field of distillation and rectification, heat-power industry, energy saving, heat and mass transfer processes and membrane technologies including technologies on complex processing of starch containing raw materials;
  • performing energy audit of enterprises aimed at reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency;
  • performing start-up and commissioning works on the sites of installation of designed equipment, systems and technologies.



Turnkey plant construction for production of alcohol-containing matter, bioethanol.

As an official representative of a range of world manufacturers, our company has been successfully performing supply of technologies, process equipment and materials to enterprises of Ukraine as well as foreign countries: Russia, Poland, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Lithuania etc.

We offer supply of:

  • column equipment for alcohol, chemical and petrochemical industry: high-effective EDV valve trays, column internals, random und structured column packing for improving efficiency of mass transfer processes;
  • heat-exchange equipment for liquid, gas and vapor-liquid media: spiral and shell-and-tube heat exchangers;
  • membrane equipment and membrane technologies for micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration for separation and concentration of mixtures aimed at obtaining valuable components in production of ethanol, biofuel, oils and starch;
  • automatic process control systems;
  • mechanical seals for pumps as well as split rotary shaft seals for mixers and conveyors.

The implementation of our projects is performed with accurate accordance with the current norms regulating performing works on construction and process engineering.


Materials and Equipment

Random Column Packing

Structured Column Packing

Column internals

Heat Exchangers and Membrane Technologies


Ukraine, 33024, Rovno, 446 Sobornaya Street
Tel.:  +380362671770
Tel.:  +380362622033
Tel.:  +380633621231

e-mail: btsoffice2016@gmail.com
skype: bts-engineering



Republic of Belarus, 403/4, Kazintsa Str., Minsk, 220099

Tel./fax: +375 17 2075862, 
                  +375 17 2075976
Моб.: +375 29 3801442, 
          +375 29 7485375

e-mail: btsoffice.bel@gmail.com


Республика Беларусь

Technological-process automation is a labour-intensive process which requires highly qualified staff. However, it quickly results in economic benefit concerning not only production quality, but also a stable company's work. Technological-process automation makes it possible to control the process without direct human participation.

Main goals of technological-process automation:

  • Increasing of operation efficiency;
  • Increasing of operation safety.

We offer a variety of services:

  1. Automation object analysis.
  2. Equipment selection.
  3. Development of design documentation.
  4. Installation of equipment and software.
  5. System adjusting and debugging.
  6. Staff training.
  7. Support.


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Our complex solutions are successfully used by food industry enterprises. In short terms, without any interagent, and as economically as possible, we can develop a complex of software and hardware used for enterprises’ equipment control automation(APCS system - automatic process control system), which will absolutely fit your requirements and have good quality and price ratio.

BSS CrossControl™ - Software for process control at production

BSS CrossControl™ - Software for process control at production

  1. Software for process control at production.
  2. The software provides a possibility of logging (saving the preset program parameters in data basis), output (interactive environment for trend and parameters display) and control of the process, and is designed to be used in main units of customer’s facilities.
  3. The customer's personnel can act as the software users.


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Design Solutions

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Компания БТС-ИНЖИНИРИНГ выполняет энергетические обследования (энергоаудит) предприятий и организаций с целью оценки эффективности использования топливно-энергетических ресурсов и реализации энергосберегающих мероприятий.Энергоаудит / энергетическое обследование
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!