Column Equipment

Subsidiary Enterprise "BTS-ENGINEERING" performs design, construction, installation supervision, commissioninng and automation of distillation and rectification units.

We can produce standard equipment as well as non-standard equipment for all branches of industry in accordance with customer's design documentation or in accordance with the documentation developed by our company, based on the customer's technical specification and in accordance with the new building technologies.

Column equipment is designed for heat and mass transfer processes in such industries as: chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, gas, pharmaceutical, food industries as well as other branches of industry.

It is manufactured under the technical design documentation and the detailed engineering drawings.

Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, special alloys, titanium, aluminum.

Column equipment can be divided into five types as follows:

Tray design:


Колонное оборудование


клапан EDV

Rectifying trays and valve trays are applied to columns that are operated under vacuum and at 0.6MPа (6 kgf/cm2) gauge pressure of oil refining units, petrochemical units and units of other branches of industry.

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Raschig and Pall rings are applied as column packings and used for heat and mass transfer processes in chemical industry and other branches of industry.

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Column Internals

Column Internals

Distributors. Separators. Support grids.

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The customer defines the type of column internals (trays, packings, grids and others) according to the process, pressure and temperature, a gas to liquid load ratio, purity requirements, polymerization tendency and others.