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VI. Demister (DEM)

6.1 Streamline Vane Type Demister (DEM-SV)

6.2 Mesh Type Demister (DEM-M)

Streamline Vane Type Demister (DEM-SV) With a special design and surface treatment, DEM-SV vanes have more specific area. Streamlined vanes change the
directions of vapor and liquid flows. Mist and gas can be better separation by centrifugation with low pressure drop.
Mesh Type Demister (DEM-M) Most efficient for mist elimination. Adapts to a clean system. Common (DEM-M01), highefficiency (DEM-M02), and highcapacity (DEM-M03) models are available for different operational needs.

6.3 Vane Type Demisters (DEM-V)

6.4 Structured Packing Type Demister (DEM-SP)

Vane Type Demisters (DEM-V) The best solution if the mist contains solid particulate, viscous or sticky liquid, or a large amount of liquid. Adapts to fouling or coking systems. Structured Packing Type Demister (DEM-SP) Highly efficient mist elimination, adapts to fouling and coking systems. Vertical flow only.

6.5 Cyclone Tube Demister (DEM-CP)

6.6 Swirling Tray-Type Demister(DEM-ST)

Cyclone Tube Demister (DEM-CP) Separates mist and gas by centrifugation through cyclone pipes set on the plate. Especially beneficial in highpressure and high gas capacity scenarios. Swirling Tray-Type Demister(DEM-ST) Separates mist and gas by centrifugation through swirling trays. Mainly applied in a fouling system where the mist contains solid particulates, viscous or sticky liquids, or a large amount of liquid.
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