Application of Baromembrane Technologies in the Technological Cycles of Milk and Dairy Processing

Application of BM units with ceramic MF membranes enables to:

  • Remove fat as well as bacteria and spores from feed milk;
  • Remove bacteria and spores from skimmed milk in order to extend storage life of dairy products;
  • Remove bacteria and spores from skimmed milk in cheese production;
  • Remove bacteria and spores from milk whey in cheese production.

The advantages of application of BM processes in milk processing technologies are the following:

  • Quality improvement of end product as well as its storage life extension;
  • Loss reduction of raw materials and end product losses;
  • Non-nitrates cheese production.

The place of BM unit in 'milk' technology depends upon the technology by itself, yet the flow diagram of BM process in the most general terms is shown in figure below.

Availability of pasteurization unit in the technological process is obligatory.