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MDV High-Capacity Tray

The tray is multi-pass and provides high efficiency in rectification and absorption process when liquid loads are high. Compared to traditional multi-pass tray, it can increase column  capacity by at least 25%.

Main Features

  • Improved multi-downcomer tray based on standard characteristics of multi pass tray
  • Parallel liquid flow with same pass lengths and weir loadings in different bubbling areas. This leads to the same vapour / liquid ratio
  • Higher mass transfer efficiency by overcoming liquid maldistribution that occurs on a traditional multi-downcomer tray having two and more downcomers
  • Weir liquid loading can be decreased compared to that of 4-pass and 6-pass trays. This scenario increases tray capacity, especially in high liquid loading


  • de-H2S and de-CO2 of natural gas 
  • Propane dehydrogenation
  • CO2 capture
  • Solvent regeneration
  • C2, C3 splitter

MDV High-Capacity Tray

Effect of weir loading on tray capacity

Effect of weir loading on tray capacity

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