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Revamping of Distillation and Rectification Sections

АО BIOFUTURE, Silute, Lithuania

No1. Developing capacity for deep distillery dregs processing. The Project oblective was to enlarge the range of end products by processing distillery dregs into an absolutely new for Lithuania product which is protein and vitamin concentrate.  The protein-vitamin concentrate is used as dry feed enricher which increases feed value. At the same time the ecological problem is solved – 100% distillery dregs disposal is achieved;

3D модель установки микрофильтрации с керамическими мембранами

3D модель группы технологических насосов установки  микрофильтрации

 3D model of microfiltration ceramic membrane unit 3D model of process pump group of microfiltration ceramic membrane unit 

No2. Revamping of distillation and rectification process units. The project objective was to enlarge the range of end products by producing in parallel to bioethanol rectified ethyl alcohol the quality parameters of which conform to the requirements of liqueur and spirits/vodka production. 

3D модель установки микрофильтрации с керамическими мембранами

Фрагменты 3D моделей узлов технологического оборудования отделений дистилляции и ректификации

3D model of revamping of distillation and rectification sections  Fragments of 3D models of technological equipment of distillation and rectification sections 

The main supplied equipment:
In terms of project No1 – drying unit for disperse products drying in boiling bed with capacity of 1.5 t/h in terms of dry product; microfiltration unit for separation and concentration of distillery dregs centrate with feed capacity of 22.5 m³/h;

Установка микрофильтрации с керамическими мембранами на разных стадиях монтажа

Установка микрофильтрации с керамическими мембранами на разных стадиях монтажа

Microfiltration ceramic membrane unit at different installation stages

In terms of project No2 – the existing rectification column was reconstructed, and two additional columns were constructed in order to make ethanol impurities removal deeper as well as to improve substantially ethanol quality and organoleptic characteristics; heat exchangers for columns and circulation water supply system.

Монтаж водоохладительной станции системы оборотного водоснабжения модернизируемых отделений дистилляции и ректификации

Один из спиральных теплообменников (200 кв.м.) водоохладительной станции

nstallation of circulation water supply system of the revamped distillation and rectification sections One of spiral heat exchangers (200 square meters) of water cooling station

Клапанные тарелки EDV®, c использованием которых, реконструирована ректификационная колонна и выполнены дополнительные колонны в отделении ректификации

Склад генерального подрядчика с элементами колонных аппаратов и теплообменными аппаратами

EDV® Valve trays used for revamping of rectification column and construction of additional columns in the rectification section   Storehouse of general contractor; column parts and heat exchangers 

Revamping allows the following:
Project No1 – producing 11,900 tons of protein and vitamin concentrate per year; reducing substantially artesian water consumption, as 100% of permeate is planned to be used in process cycles, reduce so called ecological  expenses for distillery dregs disposal as well as payments for artesian water and waste water disposal to municipal canalization; 

Project No 2 – producing up to 14,000 dal of high quality ethanol and maintaining at the same time the possibility to revert to bioethanol production; 

Both projects are being implemented WITHOUT increasing utility systems capacity (process heat which is vapor, artesian water and process waste water). After projects implementation AO BIOFUTURE will take a leading place in Baltic alcohol market and will enter the market of high quality combined feed as well.  

Process of revamping:
The start-up of the revamped process equipment was performed in July 2012.

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